20 Summer Cocktails & Mocktails {Recipe Roundup}

20 refreshing cocktails and mocktails to enjoy during the hot days and nights of summer. @jlevinsonrd

Sit back, relax and enjoy a refreshing cocktail or non-alcoholic mocktail during the hot days and nights of summer. Here are 20 to try!

Cocktails are delicious all year round, but there’s nothing better on a hot summer day than sitting on your back porch sipping on an ice-cold, refreshing drink. Especially if said drink is made with some of the most aromatic, flavorful, and eye-catching fruits, vegetables, and herbs of the season.

With Memorial Day – and the unofficial start of summer – just a few days away, now’s the perfect time to share some cocktails – and mocktails – to cool you off over the next few months. And before you head to your wet bar to shake these up, be sure to check out some of the Memorial Day recipe roundups I’ve included at the end of the post from my fellow bloggers.


Strawberry Mint Margarita @DebbietheRD

Strawberry Mint Margarita @ Dietitian Debbie Dishes

Raspberry Limeade Gin Fizz @ Frugal Foodie Mama

Grapefruit Jalapeno Mezcal Margarita @ The Spicy RD

Mixed Berry Margarita @ Chef Savvy

Rosemary Ginger Margaritas @wickedspatula

Rosemary Ginger Margaritas @ Wicked Spatula

Rose Cucumber Coolers @ Better Homes and Gardens

Tart Cherry Margaritas @ Ari’s Menu

Strawberry Rhubarb Mimosa @JlevinsonRD

Strawberry Rhubarb Mimosa @ Nutritioulicious (This is what we’ll be serving, but with gin)

Valentine’s Day Gin Fizz @ The Living Well Kitchen

Frozen Strawberry Basil Margaritas @ Delish Knowledge

Strawberry Cucumber Cocktail @ The Almond Eater

Non-Alcoholic Mocktails

Strawberry Basil Lemonade @FeedMeSeymour10

Strawberry Basil Lemonade @ Feed Me Seymour

Strawberry Watermelon Mint Elixir @ The Spicy RD

Cherry Limeade @ The Lean Green Bean

Orange Ginger Mint Spa Water @JlevinsonRD

Orange Ginger Mint Spa Water @ Nutritioulicious

Sparkling Rhubarb Lemonade @ Food52

Blueberry Basil Cooler @ Nutritioulicious

Strawberry Mint Agua Fresca @Kumquatblog

Strawberry Mint Agua Fresca @ Kumquat

Honeydew Lemonade @ The Foodie Physician

Sparkling Cucumber Cooler @ The Kitchn

What’s your favorite summer cocktail or mocktail?

Find more Memorial Day recipes in these roundups:

Memorial Day Party Round Up @ Nourished Simply

35+ Vegetarian Cookout Recipes @ Delish Knowledge

Healthy Memorial Day Menu @ The Dietitian Kitchen

20 refreshing cocktails and mocktails to enjoy during the hot days and nights of summer. @jlevinsonrd
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15 Responses to 20 Summer Cocktails & Mocktails {Recipe Roundup}

  1. I’m thirsty! Great and creative ideas – thanks for sharing. Pinned 🙂

    • Jessica says:

      Haha..I know, right?! Thanks for pinning!

  2. Alanna says:

    I am not a big drinker but I have to say, all of these look and sound amazing! This has me all excited for Memorial Day weekend 🙂

    • Jessica says:

      Thanks Alanna! I wasn’t a big drinker either – until I had kids 😉

  3. Oh, my goodness! Absolutely everything looks amazing!!! Thanks so much for including my Mezcal Margarita, and Strawberry Watermelon Mint Elixir-wish we could celebrate together!

    • Jessica says:

      Thanks ea! That would be so much fun! We’ll have to make some of these the next time we’re at a blogger event together!

  4. The colors of these drinks are stunning! They all look so incredibly refreshing. Thanks so much for including my lemonade 🙂

    • Jessica says:

      Aren’t they all so pretty?! I want to try them all! You’re most welcome! Enjoy the holiday weekend!

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  6. Katie @ Mom to Mom Nutrition says:

    What a great list! Pinned this one to my happy hour board. I know it’s not 5 o’clock yet but I’m thirsty 😉

    • Jessica says:

      Thank you Katie! I always say, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere! (Plus mocktails are allowed any time!!)

  7. I’m SO glad I found this roundup just in time for the weekend. They all look so delicious – I don’t know where to start! Is it 5PM yet 😉

    • Jessica says:

      Thanks so much Jamie! I’d love to know which you try and what you think!! Enjoy!

  8. Liked your recipe a lot. Looking forward for some more mocktail recipes. Keep up the good work.

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