Feel Pretty with a Ballet-Based Workout

When it comes to living a Nutritioulicious life, it’s important to remember exercise plays a big role. That’s why today’s guest post is written by Adrian Dunn, American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach, and Fitness Coach for  Are you bored with gym workouts? If you have fond memories of childhood ballet classes–the elegance and grace you felt, the strength and flexibility you could show off—-and w… read more »

Poached Salmon with Peach Salad {Recipe}

Between the hot weather and my busy schedule I’ve been trying to come up with dinner ideas that are not only Nutritioulicious, but also easy and don’t require hours standing over a hot stove. A recipe from a recent issue of Everyday Food fit those parameters – Poached Salmon with Watercress Peach Salad. I like salmon, but as I’ve mentioned in the past my husband doesn’t, so I passed over it. That is until I saw my hubby eating poached salmon at a recent event – lo an… read more »

Spice it Up with Moroccan Chicken

As you know, I love herbs and spices. They seriously make every dish so much better! Whatever you’re cooking – whether it’s homemade croutons, soup, or a myriad of other well-seasoned recipes – herbs and spices go a long way to making a flavorful recipe that stands out. I recently came across an article in Parenting magazine featuring recipes that use a cooked rotisserie chicken. I usually don’t buy a whole cooked chicken, but I was inspired (as I often am) by the reci… read more »

Sugar is a Scapegoat

Soda and sugar have been in the news way too much lately. Somehow sugar has become the scapegoat of our country’s obesity epidemic. Last week Mayor Bloomberg proposed a ban on the sale of soda and other sugar sweetened beverages greater than 16 ounces at stadiums, restaurants, delis, theaters, and other food sellers (although not grocery or convenience stores) in New York City. The ban has many loopholes – including the fact that you can buy two 16 ounce drinks and free refills would be allowed. I… read more »

Tips & Recipes to Help You Stay Cool

Here we go with another day of intense heat here in New York City. Temperatures are supposed to rise to almost 100 degrees today – and with the dry heat and lack of a cool breeze it may feel even hotter. It’s so important to keep yourself well hydrated in this kind of weather. To help you out, here are some tips and previously-posted recipes to make it through the day. Drink up – keep a filled, cold water bottle with you (on your desk, in your purse, car, etc) all day. Don’t like water… read more »