Fruity Greek Yogurt Popsicles {Recipe ReDux}

By posting this recipe I am entering a recipe contest sponsored by National Honey Board and am eligible to win prizes associated with the contest. I received a gift card to offset the expense of my ingredients. I love sweets. There, I said it. I know what you’re thinking – “you’re a dietitian, you can’t possibly eat and enjoy dessert,” but if you think that, you are very wrong. I have always had a major sweet tooth – growing up, breakfast was sugar-filled c… read more »

Menu Plan Monday: Week of June 10, 2013

I finally got to one of the local farmers markets this weekend! It’s one of my favorite activities – I love seeing, smelling, and tasting (when there are samples) the local, farm-fresh produce and baked goods. It’s also a great way to learn what’s growing and in season near you. I found some beautiful spearmint, kale, arugula, red lettuce, radishes, and sweet strawberries. There were so many other greens that looked great – baby bok choy, spinach, collard greens, a… read more »

Spring Pasta Salad with Snap Peas, Feta, and Tomatoes {Recipe}

Coming up with creative, seasonal, Nutritioulicious recipes most days of the week can be challenging. For inspiration, I often look at published recipes from cookbooks or some of my favorite online sources (like Everyday Food and Cooking Light). It’s a rare occasion that I follow a recipe to a T – there always seems to be something in the recipe that doesn’t quite tickle my taste buds! This often is the case with pasta salads. I love pasta, but unless it’s a filled ravioli, a… read more »

Menu Plan Monday: Week of June 3, 2013

This weekend was hot, hot, hot! Hard to believe it’s only the beginning of June. I love warmer weather – I much prefer it to the cold of the winter – but the high heat and humidity is exhausting, especially when running after 17 month-old twins! Remember to stay hydrated in this weather – it’s more important than usual. Don’t forget your fluid intake includes water-rich fruits and vegetables, including watermelon, strawberries, cabbage, peas, cantaloupe,… read more »

Sweet Potato Salad – A New Twist on a Summertime Favorite {Recipe}

Lighten up classic potato salad with this light and delicious sweet potato salad – the perfect accompaniment to burgers and dogs hot off the grill. Potato salad is a classic side dish for those summer BBQs we all love and enjoy, but it can be loaded with lots of extra calories and fat, not to mention how heavy and weighed down you tend to feel after eating it. I myself have never been a big fan of potato salad – something about the texture or maybe it’s just that potatoes aren’t rea… read more »