Menu Plan Monday (January 14-January 20)

Hope everyone had a great weekend! The highlight of my weekend was when my one-year old twin girls ate Indian food last night for the first time! I haven’t been shy about giving them herbs and spices since they started eating table food, and they have had many common Indian ingredients – lentils, cilantro, cheese, spinach – but I’ve never cooked real Indian food at home. When we sat down they served us papadum with three traditional dipping sauces – onion relish, co… read more »

Cooking with Cruciferous Vegetables {Recipes}

This post was written by Tara Milhem Hello everyone! In my last post I told you all about the nutritional benefits of cruciferous vegetables and left you hanging with some of my favorite mouthwatering dishes incorporating these good-for-you veggies. The wait is almost over. Here are two of the simple, nutritious and delicious recipes I previously mentioned.  Sauteed Broccoli with Garlic and Olive Oil   Print Prep Time 7 mins Cook Time 10 mins Total Time 17 mins   Author: Tara Recipe Typ… read more »

Walking vs. Running

By Tiana Yom   Walking vs. Running Is one better than the other? Walking is a low-impact exercise. You use significantly less force as your foot meets the ground than higher impact exercises. Walking doesn’t require as much energy and oxygen as other higher impact aerobic exercises, so your heart rate is relatively low when walking. When you walk, think about standing as tall as possible, lifting the base of the skull to the sky and not the chin. Your chest should be lifted and your jaw should be… read more »

Roasted Spiced Squash Seeds {Recipe}

When you make butternut squash, what do you do with the stringy seeds on the inside? Please don’t tell me you throw them away! They may look inedible, but these large, flat, elliptical-shaped white seeds are actually full of nutrients. They contain fiber, mono-unsaturated fatty acids (like those found in olive oil), protein, and a handful of minerals. Like pumpkin seeds – also known as pepitas – you don’t want to eat winter squash seeds raw. I love roasting them with spice… read more »

Menu Plan Monday (January 7-January 13)

Hope your new year is off to a fresh start. If you’ve made some resolutions, I hope that you are still holding strong and working your way to meeting your aspirations for the year. I would love to hear what you all resolved to achieve in 2013, so please comment here, Tweet to me, or post on the Nutritioulicious Facebook page. And if there’s anything I can do to help you meet your goals please let me know! This week’s menu plan is a combination of some new recipes I’ve been storing in… read more »