A Pregnancy Workout

The following is a guest post by Kodjo Hounnake. Kodjo manages a health, wellness, and lifestyle blog at and recently created a free 4-week home workout program to help busy people get in shape in the comfort of their homes. When Kodjo asked if he could write an exercise post for Nutritioulicious, I asked if he could share some exercises for pregnancy. Although I’m no longer pregnant (the twins are 9 months old!), I know many women who are expecting and would like to reread more »

Rosh Hashana Recap For Foodies

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashana. In the past, I have been a guest at Rosh Hashana dinners, but this year I hosted the second night for some friends and family. My family and I moved into our new house just a few days before the holiday, so it was my first time cooking in my brand new kitchen, which I love! Traditional foods for Rosh Hashana include apples, pomegranates, honey, and of course brisket. I wanted to change things up a little bit and not just stick with the typica… read more »

Striving For A Balanced Diet & The Truth About Sweeteners

As I mentioned the other day, over the summer I taped a segment about sweeteners and healthy diets for The Balancing Act. Here are some of the key points I made during the segment: When people ask me how they can eat more healthfully, I tell them to focus on three things – variety, moderation, and balance. You can read more about these basic principles here. High fructose corn syrup is nutritionally equivalent to table sugar. The two sweeteners have the same number of calories per gram and are equal in s… read more »

Taping The Balancing Act

A little over a month ago, I had a great experience taping a segment covering the truth about sweeteners and healthy diets for the Lifetime TV show, The Balancing Act. I flew down to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on Sunday evening and Monday morning I went to The Balancing Act studios where I met with the producer of the show to review the segment and set up the table with food I would be discussing. (Oh, and I also got my hair and makeup done – always a fun part of going on TV!). Once everything was set up and I was… read more »

The Future of Food

The following is a guest post by Karen Kafer. Karen is a registered dietitian (RD) and Vice President of Health Partnerships-Nutrition Affairs for the National Dairy Council (NDC) with more than 25 years of corporate, nutrition and health communications experience.  It’s great to see so much attention given to the issue of nutrition and healthy eating in America – programs such as Fuel Up to Play 60 and Let’s Move! have raised awareness of the need for a nutritious diet and exercis… read more »