Roasted Chicken with Artichokes, Peppers, and Sun-Dried Tomatoes {Recipe}

If you like artichokes, spring is the season to buy them fresh and enjoy them. I love artichokes vinaigrette, but if I want to cook with the heart, I find it more economical and much easier to use canned, frozen, or jarred artichoke hearts. As with most canned vegetables, beware of sodium levels – look for canned artichokes in water and rinse before using to wash away as much sodium as possible. Frozen artichokes have less sodium, so they are a good option as well. Jarred artichoke hearts are u… read more »

5 Exercises to Get Fit for Summer

This post was written by Tiana Yom Now that Memorial Day has passed, you can break out the white pants and bathing suits – summer is coming! Sure you’re ready for warmer temps, but is your body ready for clothes that reveal more skin than wool sweaters and corduroy pants? Here are five quick ways to sculpt sexy fit arms and legs for the summer without dumbbells, resistance bands, or any other gym equipment. These exercises can be done anywhere and anytime using your own body for resistance!… read more »

Menu Plan Monday: Week of May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day! What have you been up to this weekend? It’s been unseasonably chilly here this weekend, but that didn’t stop us from making our first barbecue of the season. On the menu: Hamburgers, turkey burgers, hot dogs, beef sausages, sweet potato salad, red cabbage slaw, guacamole, tomato jam, arugula strawberry salad, watermelon coolers, fruit salad, and ice pops. Looking back at this long list I can’t believe how much food we served – it sure was Nutritiouli… read more »

Shakshuka for Dinner {Recipe}

Shakshuka! Isn’t that such a fun word to say?! If you’re not sure, here’s how it’s pronounced: shahk-SHOO-kah. You’re probably wondering what in the world this word is and what does it mean. Shakshuka is a very popular Israeli breakfast dish composed of eggs poached in a spicy tomato sauce. In hebrew, the word shakshuka means “all mixed up” and some say that the name of the dish comes from the Hebrew verb leshakshek, “to shake.” I love… read more »

Greek Frittata {Recipe}

For someone who wasn’t the biggest egg lover, I’ve certainly been making a lot of egg recipes lately. For some reason, since the birth or my girls 16 months ago, I have a newfound liking of eggs – but only in certain forms. One of said forms is the frittata. I have been experimenting with various types of frittatas, including a spinach-pepper frittata, leek and tomato frittata, and Mexican frittata. The possibilities are endless! My latest version is a Greek Frittata. I don&#… read more »