Menu Plan Monday (December 10-16)

Friday afternoon as I sat down to plan my menu for this coming week, my husband started to laugh. He couldn’t believe I was already putting together a menu for the week to come when I hadn’t even finished cooking for that night’s dinner. It does seem like I’m always planning the next meal, but to make sure we eat Nutritioulicious meals I need to put my thinking cap on in advance – I can’t just wait until the day of to figure out what we’re going to eat. How far in aread more »

Fruit & Nut Breakfast Bars

This post was written by Tara Milhem Hi readers! For my first post I want to share some of my favorite on-the-go breakfast options. It’s not so easy to sit down every day and enjoy a balanced breakfast like an egg white omelet with a slice of sprouted bread and a side of fruit. While I encourage everyone to consume fewer packaged foods and more fresh foods as much as possible, there are days when your alarm doesn’t go off on time and you need to grab something as you’re rushing out the door. On those days… read more »

National Cookie Day!

Guess what? Today, December 4th, is National Cookie Day! I had no idea about this when I made a batch of cookies yesterday. And it’s not like I bake every day, so what a coincidence! I had been holding on to this Everyday Food recipe for Emeril’s Peanut Butter-Chocolate Chip Cookies for a couple of years and finally decided to make them. I used natural peanut butter and I may not have been so precise with the measurements of sugar. They came out great! They’re very dense and rich, and no… read more »

Menu Plan Monday (December 3-9)

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Last week’s menu went pretty much as planned. Lots of Thanksgiving leftovers and a couple of new recipes that came out great. I had to make a couple of tweaks to the menu based on what was available at the supermarket, and there weren’t really enough leftovers for Sunday dinner, so we had pizza instead! Now that Thanksgiving has passed and we’re into December, the holiday madness begins. It can be a little more challenging to plan meals in advance a… read more »

Win an EZ Tofu Press!

  I like tofu. I know a lot of people aren’t so into this protein source, but I enjoy it on occasion, especially when prepared in a flavorful way. The issue I have with tofu is that it can be a pain to prep. While you don’t have to worry about any foodborne illnesses or cross-contamination like you do with other meats like poultry, tofu comes packed in water and if you don’t drain it well you end up with a water-logged, mushy dish. I have tried numerous strategies to drain tofu and to d… read more »