Get Back on Track: Top 5 Ways to Handle Broken Resolutions

Having trouble keeping your New Year’s Resolutions? Don’t give up just yet. Develop a plan to get back on track with these 5 tips.  Disclaimer: I am a paid consultant with Meta and was compensated for this post. Opinions are my own. A month into the New Year and you’re already struggling to keep your New Year’s resolutions? You’re not alone. Changing deep-seeded habits is hard work. No one ever said it would be easy to eat more fruit, exercise 30 minutes a day, get up 15 minutes e… read more »

Menu Plan Monday: Week of January 26, 2015

Stocking up and cooking some cold weather recipes for a snowy week ahead. Are you ready for a blizzard?! That’s what everyone around here is talking about. Yesterday afternoon I stopped at Trader Joe’s to pick up some fresh produce for my childrens’ nursery school class (I’m snack parent this week) and the line of cars to get into the parking lot was around the block, the shelves were almost bare, and people were frantically filling their shopping carts (if they were lucky t… read more »

Thai Peanut Chicken Satay {Recipe ReDux}

Thai peanut chicken satay marries the heat of sriracha with the coolness of coconut milk and cilantro. Served as an appetizer or main dish, this recipe is sure to be a crowd pleaser.  Recipe ReDuxers are turning up the heat this month with recipes focused on smoke and spice! If you haven’t noticed, food blogs and restaurant menus have been highlighting spices like harissa, sriracha, and smoked paprika and using more smoking techniques in their cooking. It’s certainly a food tren… read more »

Menu Plan Monday: Week of January 19, 2015

Check in on your New Year’s Resolutions and get a nutritious and delicious menu plan for the week. Happy Monday to all! Before we get to this week’s menu, just a quick update on where I stand with my health and wellness improvement for the year. While I only made it to yoga once last week, I did get there on time, which really impacted my focus in the class. How are you doing with your improvements? A few people shared their goals with me, including reduced snacking at home after work and includi… read more »

Take Care of Yourself with a Cup of Tea

What better way to stay warm this winter than with a cup of hot tea. Find out the health benefits of some of our favorite teas and the best way to make your own cup.  This post was written by Nutritioulicious contributor Tiana Yom, MPH, CHES Whatever your goals are for the New Year, they no doubt revolve around some element of self care. Trying to make it to the gym more? Self care. Want to eat healthier? Self care. Aiming to get to yoga on time? Self care. Some of these resolutions – most in fact – requir… read more »