Spring Clean Your Kitchen

This post was written by Tiana Yom, MPH, CHES  Although we have been experiencing wintry weather (what’s with the snow on the ground this morning?!), spring is technically here! And you know what that means – it’s time to break out the dust rags and mop for the annual deep spring clean. Cleaning the Refrigerator and Freezer: Unplug the fridge and freezer or turn the temperature gauge to the “Off” position. Remove everything from the fridge and freezer; throw out anything th… read more »

Menu Plan Monday: Week of April 14, 2014

The Jewish holiday of Passover starts tonight, which means this week’s menu will be filled with matzo, matzo, and more matzo. Sounds yummy, right?! (In case you don’t know about matzo, here’s an explanation.) All joking aside, I’m not one of the many people who thinks there is nothing but matzo, potatoes, and meat to eat on this holiday. If you balance your plate as recommended by USDA’s MyPlate, you’ll see that it’s really not so bad to follow a Passove… read more »

Family Food Experts’ Nutrition Tips for Families

Thanks to Ellen Briggs, founder of The Family Food Experts, for the following post! Research shows that having a healthy, balanced diet improves brain capacity, maximizes cognitive capabilities, and improves academic performance in school-age children. Alternatively, the research also shows that having too much junk food and an unhealthy diet decreases academic performance by limiting the amount of information to the brain. The team behind The Family Food Experts and Kid Kritics Approv… read more »

Menu Plan Monday: Week of April 7, 2014

Happy World Health Day! Every year on April 7th, the World Health Organization celebrates World Health Day and draws attention to a public health problem of global proportions. This year’s theme is vector-borne diseases, which include malaria, yellow fever, and dengue caused by mosquitoes, bugs, ticks, and flies and affect the poorest people in the world. You can find out more about these diseases and how you can help here.  Although this year’s World Health Day theme isn’t… read more »

Asian-Style Turkey Meatloaf {Recipe}

A twist on classic meatloaf, this Asian-style turkey meatloaf is loaded with vegetables, herbs and spices, and topped with a sweet and spicy glaze.  I don’t think I ever ate meatloaf as a kid. Apparently my mother used to make it when she and my dad were first married, but I have no recollection of it ever being served in my house growing up. It’s not the type of dish I am usually fond of. Something about meat in the shape of bread just never attracted me. It’s not about the meat –… read more »