Menu Plan Monday (November 12-18)

Hope you had a great weekend! Ours was fun with some visits from friends and family, bagel and lox brunch on Saturday, and a birthday celebration for my brother and sister-in-law Sunday night. Getting ready to head out to Fairway for my weekly grocery shop. Hopefully I won’t be in the supermarket every day like I was last week after filling in from Hurricane Sandy (and hopefully we’re done with power outages for a while!). Since we’re less than two weeks away from Thanksgiving, whi… read more »

Tomato-White Bean Soup with Kale Pesto {Recipe}

The one good thing about Hurricane Sandy was that I had some time to catch up on the backlog of magazines sitting in my living room. In Self Magazine’s April issue there was a recipe for Tomato-White Bean Soup with Pesto that sounded easy to make, light, and delicious. I had planned to make a few modifications to it since basil isn’t currently in season and my husband isn’t such a fan of walnuts, but it turned out I needed to adjust a lot more than that. I think in an effort to make this vege… read more »

Spinach-Pepper Frittata {Recipe}

I’ve never been really into eggs, but ever since I had the girls I’ve been making them a lot more often. They are super easy to make, a great source of protein, and an excellent way to add in other nutritious and delicious foods like vegetables and cheese. Although eggs are typically thought of as a breakfast food, when I make eggs it’s usually for dinner. As usual, I try to make my meals using seasonal produce (like the Tomato-Basil Mozzarella Frittata I made over the summer), so a cou… read more »

Recap of Hurricane Sandy & Menu Plan Monday (November 5-11)

Hurricane Sandy really got in the way of last week’s MPM. Monday night as I was heating up the oven to make roasted broccoli, our power went off. I guess I should have started cooking earlier. Luckily we have gas burners, so I was able to light the stove and sauté the broccoli, and with the residual heat from the oven we warmed up the leftover Thai Peanut Chicken and roasted sweet potatoes. We had a romantic dinner by candlelight followed by hot cocoa with mini marshmallows while reading by flashlight.… read more »

Menu Plan Monday – October 29

Happy Monday! I was all set with my menu for the week until Hurricane Sandy became a serious threat. I’m sitting at home right now waiting for the storm to hit and wondering what we’ll do if we lose power. I wasn’t nervous about this storm until everyone else around me seemed to be panicking. I think it’s contagious! I had a great plan to go to Fairway for my weekly grocery run and to make my butternut squash soup for Thanksgiving (one easy thing I can make in advance and freeze). So… read more »