Salt Shakedown

Perhaps you’ve heard some recent news about sodium — it seems to be the topic of 2010 (at least so far). And it’s certainly creating a stir here in New York City. Last week, Mayor Bloomberg and the NYC Health Department decided to take on salt as the next food additive to reduce in our food (he already won the war on trans fats), in an effort to make us a healthier nation. Bloomberg proposes that the food industry (restaurants and food manufacturers) reduce the amount of sodium in a variety o… read more »

Get Seasonal

If you’ve been reading my nutritioulicious™ blog for a while now, you know that I’m a huge fan of fresh from the farm, seasonal produce. Want to know why eating what’s in season is so good for you? Check out my article “Get Seasonal in Your Kitchen” on the SuperKids Nutrition website.… read more »

nutritioulicious™ Live in Baltimore This Sunday

Hi nutritioulicious™ fans! I wanted to let you all know I will be in Baltimore, MD this Sunday for a live segment on the WBALTV/NBC Weekend Edition. I will be talking about Holiday Party Dos and Don’ts. If you live in Baltimore, I’ll be on in the early part of the 7 AM hour, so set your alarms (or DVRs). For those of you not in Baltimore, I’ll be posting the tips after the segment, and hopefully a clip too. So stay tuned! And to all of you celebrating the Jewish holiday of Chanukah, Happy C… read more »

nutritioulicious™ Quote!

Back in August I told you about the push by some for a junk food tax, which would primarily tax sugary beverages, such as soda and sports drinks. Like most hot topics, the proposed tax has stirred a lot of debate in the nutrition community. For an article in Today’s Dietitian, I was interviewed about my opinion regarding the tax. The article, Proposed Beverage Tax Stirs Mixed Reactions, contains various opinions from dietitians. Below is the excerpt in which I am quoted: Jessica Fishman Levins… read more »

Eating Occasions

Have you ever bought something, say a box of cookies or a pair of shoes, and never used/eaten/worn it? I know it’s happened to me and I always wonder why I do it! Last week I read an article, “Distinctions between Shopping and Use Occasions” by the Hartman Group, a group that conducts consumer research to understand how consumer’s attitudes and behaviors lead to purchases. Within the article several good points were made, including: Items bought don’t change from t… read more »