Nutrition Tips

National Nutrition Month: Get Your Plate in Shape!

By Jo Bartell March is National Nutrition Month®, and this year’s theme is “Get your Plate in Shape!” This is a great topic to think about as we make our way into spring and summer, and we wanted to share some Nutritioulicious tips. Start with fruits and veggies. As you know, it is recommended to make half of your plate fruits and vegetables using the USDA’s My Plate. Filling your plate with dark leafy greens like kale and collard greens, bright orange veggies like bell peppers, and antioxidan… read more »

Another Use for Oats

By Megan Kian One of the most common malabsorption issues in the United States is lactose intolerance, with about 30 to 50 million adults suffering from it. While many people replace cow’s milk with soy or almond milk to alleviate the symptoms of lactose intolerance, consumers now have another option. A company called Simpli has created an oat based milk alternative. Simpli Naked Oat has the same consistency as cow’s milk and provides many of the nutritional benefits of oats! Oats are a great wh… read more »

Crumbled Goat Cheese

You probably know this by now, but I love cheese! I love macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese, cheese on pizza, tomato and mozzarella salads, cheesy dips…you get the picture. Basically any dish with cheese tickles my fancy! (Unless it’s one of the few cheeses I don’t particularly care for like blue cheese and brie.) One way I really enjoy cheese is on a salad. When out for lunch I often get a Greek salad with feta cheese or if I’m at one of those “create your own salad̶… read more »

Eat Better, Eat Together

I wrote this post as a participant in the Eat Better, Eat Together Balancing Act blog carnival hosted by the Dairy Council of California to share ways families everywhere can make time for family meals that include foods from all the food groups. A list of other registered dietitians and moms who are participating in the Balancing Act blog carnival will be listed at the bottom of this post. Back in May I participated in the Eat, Play, Love blog carnival and I wrote about the importance of introducin… read more »

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

By Megan Kian With these past few sticky and extremely hot days it’s been hard to find a way to cool down. At home in New Jersey my dad has a garden where he loves to grow a variety of different vegetables, fruits, and herbs. One of my favorite herbs that he grows is mint (I also love his basil). It is such a fragrant herb that it had me feeling refreshed with just the smell! Mint was originally used as an air freshener to rid rooms of unpleasant smells. It is a great source of antioxidants including vitamins A a… read more »