Nutrition Tips

Coleslaw Lightened Up

Labor Day weekend is right around the corner and that unfortunately means it’s the official end of summer. Hopefully the weather will be nice and you can enjoy a few more BBQs and delicious summer fruits and vegetables. One side dish that I made a few times this summer is coleslaw. When I was younger (before I was a dietitian), I would eat mayo-drenched coleslaw all the time. While I occasionally indulge in it now, my preference is a lighter version of coleslaw, which I can make myself — as can you… read more »

Back to School Healthy Eating Guide (For Kids)

Depending on where you live, your kids may have gone back to school a couple of weeks ago or they may be heading back in the next few weeks. Either way, now is the time to prep for the hassles that come with back to school time. What your kids eat before, during, and after school is very important for their performance in school, after-school activities, and their overall health. For healthy breakfast and after-school snack options for your kids, check out my recent article Nutritious and Delicious Brea… read more »

Beets in the Summer

One of my go-to places for healthy, creative, and (usually) seasonal recipes is the New York Times “Recipes for Health” section. Last week I got together with a couple of classmates to catch up and cook dinner. We chose a recipe from the Times section that included beets and beet greens. My friends did most of the cooking and decided to add in Swiss chard for an extra nutritious boost. It’s always fun to get creative in the kitchen! Beet and Beet Green Gratin Serves: 6 Ingredients: 2 bunches beets (… read more »

Wonderful Ways to Use Watermelon

I love watermelon. Ever since I was a little kid it has been one of my favorite fruits. For me, summertime is not complete without a good dose of watermelon – and this summer I am definitely getting mine! Watermelon grows in many shapes and sizes – and baby watermelons are becoming extremely popular. When I was in Israel, we drove by many watermelon fields. Here you can see a watermelon ready for harvest: Nutritionally, watermelon is a star. Since it is more than 90% water, it’s low in… read more »

Mashed Squash

The other day I shared with you a way to prepare spaghetti squash, one of the many winter squashes. I also received a kabocha squash from my CSA, and this time I wasn’t really sure what to do with it b/c I had never made it before! It sort of looked like a pumpkin (and in fact it is commonly called a Japanese pumpkin), with a hard, orange, knobbly-looking skin. I did a quick search online and found out that it is like a cross between butternut squash, sweet potato, and pumpkin. So I decided that it would be… read more »