Nutrition Tips

Beating the Four O’Clock Slump

Have you ever noticed that at three or four o’clock your energy level is low and you’re feeling tired and hungry? You’re not alone! Many people suffer from what I call the “Four O’Clock Slump.” You may think that having more coffee or something sweet will increase your energy, but caffeine and sugar are not the answer. In fact, they will make you feel worse in the end. So what will help you beat the slump? Here are 5 ways to boost energy! Eat breakfast! Breakfast ju… read more »

Pantry Dinner

Hello readers! Sorry for vanishing for the past month — things around here have been quite hectic! But now I’m back and hopefully won’t be disappearing again any time soon. Do you ever get home from a long day and wonder what you can have for dinner besides take out? My clients often face this situation, as do I (after all, dietitians are normal people!). I suggest keeping a well-stocked pantry for these occasions.* I always make sure to have whole grains, beans, and canned tomatoes or to… read more »

Homemade Popcorn

This past weekend was a rainy one, which made it a good time to stay home and watch some movies. What goes better with movies than popcorn?! As I told you in November, movie theater popcorn is full of calories, fat, and sodium. However, if you make your own popcorn at home, it can be a filling, healthy snack. And since it’s a whole grain and so light and airy, you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck — 3 cups of air-popped popcorn (1 serving) have only 90 calories, 1 g fat, 18 g carbs, and 2 mg sodium, aread more »

How to Enjoy Grapefruit

Yesterday I told you about the benefits of grapefruits. Now it’s time to find out different ways you can enjoy this nutritioulicious™ fruit! Eat a grapefruit half with some cottage cheese or yogurt for breakfast. Add grapefruit sections to a salad for lunch. Add grapefruit slices to a marinade for meat or fish. A couple of weeks ago, Andy and I marinated beef with different citrus fruits. Add grapefruit to a fruit salsa. Roast grapefruit halves for dessert. Top with brown sugar and carameli… read more »

Calcium Supplementation

Yesterday I told you why you need calcium, how much to get, and how to get it. I often get asked about calcium supplements, either because people don’t like dairy or they find it difficult to take in the required amount from food. While I believe that nutrients should come primarily from food, I do think that calcium is one of the few nutrients that need to be supplemented. It’s very rare for people to get all the calcium they need from food sources. There are a few things to consider when takin… read more »