Nutrition Tips

Have You Heard of Einkorn?

One of the biggest culinary trends for 2011 is the emergence of ancient grains, both on supermarket shelves and restaurant menus.  Some ancient grains you may already be familiar with include quinoa, amaranth, and spelt.  But have you heard of einkorn? I hadn’t until I received an email from the nice folks at Jovial Foods. They wrote to tell me about their new line of whole grain pastas made from einkorn and offered to send me some samples. I never turn down samples, especially when it’… read more »

Mexican Cooking At Home

by Jo Bartell As a single person living in New York City in an apartment with a very small kitchen, I know how difficult it is muster up the motivation and set aside the time to cook a healthy meal from scratch. Even though I love food and cooking, I still fall into the trap of ordering delivery and going out for dinner, knowing that I am unnecessarily eating extra calories and fat. Last weekend, a good friend of mine who also lives alone and has always stated adamantly that she hates cooking asked for some hel… read more »

Real Mexican Dining

Last week I was on vacation in Mexico. It was great being away from the snow for a week, relaxing on the beach, and enjoying delicious Mexican cuisine. Many typical Mexican dishes in the States aren’t so good for your waistline — fried tacos, enchiladas, overstuffed burritos, sodium and fat laden refried beans, sour cream on the side of almost everything…the list goes on. In reality, Mexican food isn’t all that bad for you, at least not in Mexico. Real Mexican dishes contai… read more »

Wednesday Wonders: Using and Storing Fresh Ginger

Wednesday Wonders are back! Your burning nutrition, food, and cooking questions are answered here every Wednesday. Ask your questions in the comments section of any blog post, post your question on the Nutritioulicious facebook page, tweet it to me, or email me directly! Q: Hi Nutritioulicious! I’m trying a new recipe tonight for a lower-fat sweet & sour stirfry chicken. The recipe calls for fresh ginger and I bought way more than what I needed. How can I store the ginger that I don’read more »

Got Milk? Pour One More

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of attending an event where the new face of the Got Milk? campaign was revealed — Susan Sarandon is now the proud owner of a milk mustache. As part of the National Milk Mustache campaign, a new initiative was announced on Tuesday — “Pour One More.” How appropriate that this campaign was announced on 1-11-11! The goal of “Pour One More” is to encourage people to increase their dairy intake by adding one more serving of milk per day in an e… read more »