Spinach Salad with Jicama, Black Beans, and Lime Vinaigrette {Recipe}

Last week I shared with you a recipe for Pico de Gallo from Michelle Dudash’s Clean Eating for Busy Families cookbook. I served this with tuna tacos, and to round out the meal I needed a vegetable. I decided to make a Mexican-inspired salad with baby spinach, jícama, black beans, and a lime vinaigrette.  Jícama, also known as Mexican yam or Mexican turnip, is a root vegetable with a brown, papery exterior, and a white crisp interior. It sort of resembles a raw potato in color and texture, but no… read more »

Coconut-Curry Beef with Bok Choy and Farro {Recipe ReDux}

In honor of the new year, this month’s Recipe ReDux theme is based on food trends for 2013 – “A Trend in Every Pot.” Recipe ReDuxers across the globe were given the following challenge: Pick your favorite ‘new’ food trend and add it to a pot. Take a trend and use it in a soup, stew, one-pot meal or Crock Pot recipe to warm up readers.  Back in December I shared some of Phil Lempert’s predictions for 2013 food trends. If you do a search for 2013 food trends you&#… read more »

“Clean Eating for Busy Families” Cookbook {Recipe & Giveaway}

You know I love to cook and as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago when I told you about “America’s Favorite Food,” I still love looking through cookbooks even though there are so many recipe databases online. Thankfully, registered dietitians like myself are writing more cookbooks these days. What I love about this is that it shows just how versatile the job of a dietitian is. Recently a fellow registered dietitian and friend of mine, Michelle Dudash, published a new cookbook call… read more »

Menu Plan Monday (January 14-January 20)

Hope everyone had a great weekend! The highlight of my weekend was when my one-year old twin girls ate Indian food last night for the first time! I haven’t been shy about giving them herbs and spices since they started eating table food, and they have had many common Indian ingredients – lentils, cilantro, cheese, spinach – but I’ve never cooked real Indian food at home. When we sat down they served us papadum with three traditional dipping sauces – onion relish, co… read more »

Cooking with Cruciferous Vegetables {Recipes}

This post was written by Tara Milhem Hello everyone! In my last post I told you all about the nutritional benefits of cruciferous vegetables and left you hanging with some of my favorite mouthwatering dishes incorporating these good-for-you veggies. The wait is almost over. Here are two of the simple, nutritious and delicious recipes I previously mentioned.  Sauteed Broccoli with Garlic and Olive Oil   Print Prep Time 7 mins Cook Time 10 mins Total Time 17 mins   Author: Tara Recipe Typ… read more »