Grilled Grape Farro Salad {Recipe ReDux}

Disclosure: By posting this recipe I am entering a recipe contest sponsored by the California Table Grape Commission and am eligible to win prizes associated with the contest. I was not compensated for my time. Fall in love with Grapes!   Although grapes are available at most supermarkets all year round, Grapes from California are in season between May and January, and now they are at their peak! Hence the theme for this month’s sponsored Recipe ReDux challenge from the California Table Gra… read more »

Watermelon-Tomato Gazpacho {Recipe}

Now that Labor Day has passed and everyone has school, football games and tailgating on his or her mind, you may be shifting gears in the kitchen to start making more fall-friendly recipes. But before you do, use the last of the summer watermelon and  farmers market tomatoes to make this Nutritioulicious gazpacho. Traditionally, gazpacho is a tomato-based soup that is served cold, but you’ll find many varieties of this Spanish soup these days. The following recipe is adapted from Food &am… read more »

Healthy Travel Snacks & Cranberry-Chocolate Peanut Butter Trail Mix {Recipe ReDux}

It’s prime time for summer vacations, and no matter which mode of transportation you are taking to get wherever you’re going, you’re likely going to need a snack or two along the way. This month’s Recipe ReDux theme is the perfect answer to the question “what’s a healthy snack to bring on the road?” Have Snacks. Will Travel. There are a number of healthy snacks that I recommend – some more conducive for traveling by plane, others better for car rid… read more »

Health Benefits of Flaxseed and Strawberry Banana Flax Smoothie Recipe

Flaxseeds and chia seeds are all the rage these days. You’ve probably read multiple articles about them and seen them on the ingredient lists of new products on supermarket shelves, but do you know what they actually are and what benefit they provide you? Here, Nutritioulicious contributor Rosemary Squires tells you all about flaxseeds. And stay tuned for a post about those chia seeds you keep seeing pop up all over the place! What are the nutritious components of flaxseeds? Flaxseeds have been s… read more »

Thai Rice Noodle Salad {Recipe}

Traditional Thai recipes use many different herbs, spices, sauces, pastes, and condiments to achieve a variety of sweet, salty, sour, and spicy flavors. Some of my favorites are ginger, cumin, cilantro, mint, chili, curry powder, coconut milk, fish sauce, lime, and soy sauce. Many of these ingredients are used in my recent Coconut-Lime Chicken recipe, so when trying to figure out what to make as a side dish I decided to go with a rice noodle dish that contained vegetables and more of the delicio… read more »